Charter of the Family International

Fifth Edition

Chapter I: Core Purpose

The core purpose (mission) of the Family International is to

  • Share the good news of God’s love, truth, and salvation. Translate God’s love into action in a way that brings a touch of the divine to someone’s spirit, and leads people to the discovery of a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Seek to improve others’ spiritual quality of life. Share God’s Word and truths to enrich others’ lives. Apply spiritual principles so as to help meet others’ needs, whether spiritual or practical.
  • Provide an environment that nurtures faith. Support and assist individuals in growing in their personal relationship with Jesus, and in their efforts to share God’s love and truth with others, according to their unique calling.

Chapter II: Membership

Article 1

The combination of the Family International’s core beliefs, core values, and core purpose make up the guiding principles that direct and inspire the Family International (TFI) as an organization and members as individuals. The guiding principles represent members’ motivation in living their faith and dedication to God in response to the call of the Great Commission. These principles give members the inspiration and confidence to enact their dreams and plans for God; to act on God’s will for their life, whatever path or career it leads them to; to grow in Christian faith, belief, discipleship, or missionary service; to find effective means of participating in and facilitating the mission of the Family International.

Article 2

A new member of the Family International:

  1. Has received Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior.
  2. Is 18 years of age or older.
    1. A 16- or 17-year-old who wishes to be a member of the Family International may become a member with at least one parent’s consent.
  3. Has completed Procedure I: New Members in the “Procedures of the Family International.”

Article 3

The Family International reserves the right to deny membership to an individual whose activities are incompatible with Family membership or who is deemed ineligible to be a member of the Family International.

Article 4

A member of the Family International is responsible to:

  1. Accept the collective beliefs that define the faith of the Family International as listed in the “Statement of Faith of the Family International” and commit to grow in his or her understanding of those tenets of faith.
  2. Model his or her life around the principles embodied in the “Core Values of the Family International.”
  3. Cultivate a personal relationship with God through reading God’s Word, personal communion with Jesus, and prayer.
  4. Conduct him- or herself ethically and with integrity in his or her personal and professional life, and refrain from activities that reflect negatively on the Family International or its mission.
  5. Participate in and otherwise facilitate the mission of the Family International.
  6. Tithe or give of his or her income monthly to the Family International or to a tithing member of the Family International.
  7. Report monthly, directly or via another member who has agreed to report for him or her.

Article 5

  1. A member of the Family International who is a parent is responsible to love and care for his or her children; raise them in a godly manner; impart to them a knowledge of God; see that their physical, educational, spiritual, medical, and emotional needs are supplied to the best of their ability; and protect them from all forms of abuse, including physical, sexual, or emotional.
  2. The welfare and protection of children is of vital importance to the Family International. All members are expected to abide by the policies outlined in the Child Protection Policy of the Family International.

Article 6

A member of the Family International has the right to individual choice, self-determination, and expression in all matters, including his or her participation in and facilitation of the mission, and regarding how he or she lives his or her faith.

Article 7

  1. A member of the Family International must receive the consent of the international public affairs desk before engaging in a legal agreement on behalf of the Family International, or participating in a national or international media interview, documentary, website or forum, movie, book, written or verbal rebuttal, press release, or article on behalf of the Family International.
  2. A member of the Family International must receive the consent of the international public affairs desk before publishing online or distributing to the public Family International publications that are not designated for the public.

Article 8

A member of the Family International is subject to the laws of the country in which he or she resides.

Article 9

A member of the Family International may have his or her membership revoked in accordance with Procedure III: Revocation of TFI Membership in the “Procedures of the Family International” for:

  1. Persistently contravening the responsibilities of Family membership as outlined above in Articles 4–5.
  2. Conduct or activities damaging to the Family International or its mission, or to TFI members’ mission works or communities.

Article 10

A member of the Family International will be permanently excommunicated from Family membership in accordance with Procedure IV: Excommunication in the “Procedures of the Family International” for:

  1. Sexually or physically abusive mistreatment of a child.
  2. Committing an egregious crime or life-threatening violent act.
  3. Activities that foster schism with the intent of undermining or damaging the Family International.
    1. In the case of a lesser schismatic offense, the member may be subject to revocation of membership under Article 9.2.
  4. Minors under 18 years of age who physically or sexually abuse or mistreat a child will be permanently ineligible for Family membership.

Chapter III: Governance

Article 1

Maria Fontaine and Peter Amsterdam are the spiritual and administrative directors of TFI. In this capacity, they are responsible to:

  1. Determine the services provided within the organizational structure of the Family International.
  2. Define, establish, or discontinue, as may be necessary, national or international portfolios, council bodies, and TFI Service departments and positions.
  3. Appoint a council to adjudicate questions of membership and disciplinary actions that may be applied to member misconduct.

Article 2

TFI Services will manage the tithes and gifts sent to the Family International to support publications, services, and structure; for projects or investments that further the mission of the Family International; and to assist mission projects and members.

Chapter IV: Mission Works of TFI Members

The Family International (TFI) is an international Christian community committed to sharing the message of God’s love with people around the globe. We seek to bring hope and spiritual renewal through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ that knows no borders or boundaries of race, creed, or social status. We strive to make a difference in our world by offering spiritual solutions for the challenges of life and translating God’s love into actions that manifest kindness and compassion and improve the lives of others. (Mission Statement of the Family International)

Article 1

Members of TFI are encouraged to engage in mission-focused activities, referred to in this document as mission works. A TFI member’s mission work is a project, mission activity, congregation, association, or organization, incorporated or otherwise, founded and/or managed by a member of the Family International.

Article 2

A TFI member’s mission work:

  1. Maintains a standard of professionalism as outlined in “Professional Standard for TFI Member Works.”
  2. Strives to align itself with TFI’s core values and mission statement.

Article 3

If a TFI member’s mission activities are found to be in contravention of the Family International’s Charter, in accordance with Procedure III: Revocation of TFI Membership in the “Procedures of the Family International,” the revocation of membership procedure may be enacted.


Article 1

Official documents of Family International policy and/or governance, which supplement, support, are authorized by, or refer to this Charter of the Family International are:

Article 2

The Charter of the Family International, version 5, and its supporting documents took effect August 2014.

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