Governance of the Family International

Chapter I: Directors of the Family International

Article 1

The directors of the Family International are entrusted with guiding the Family International in matters of faith, mission, doctrine, and administration.

  1. The current directors of the Family International are Peter Amsterdam and Maria Fontaine.

Article 2

Directors of the Family International are responsible to:

  1. Promote the Family International’s guiding principles as embodied in the Family International’s core beliefs, core values, and core purpose through their communications and actions, and use those guiding principles in making decisions related to the organization.
  2. Provide counsel and spiritual guidance to members of the Family International.
  3. Promote the mission, goals, values, and policy of the Family International as they relate to the organization, and make subsequent changes to the Charter of the Family International and its supporting documents as necessary.
    1. Family International directors may form a body of counselors to advise on matters such as Family policy, structure, and initiatives, and to assist in carrying out related decisions.
  4. Judge matters of Family International doctrine, which shall be reflected in the “Statement of Faith of the Family International.”
  5. Oversee the services provided by TFI Services.
    1. Family International directors may contract administrative personnel to oversee TFI Services portfolios, such as member services, public affairs, mission works, and adjudication.

Chapter II: TFI Services

Article 1

TFI Services is the administrative body of the Family International, committed to providing administration, mission, public relations, and publication services to TFI’s membership.

Article 2

The purpose of TFI Services is to:

  1. Create and produce resources that provide inspiration, spiritual feeding, and counsel for members.
  2. Build and maintain Family International websites and online services, for members and for the public.
  3. Create mission-related resources that facilitate TFI members’ mission activities.
  4. Provide administration services for TFI and its members.
  5. Manage TFI member reporting as well as tithes and offerings to the Family International, and coordinate disbursal of donations and gifts to members and mission projects.

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