Professional Standard for TFI Member Works

A professional TFI member work is

Purposeful: Its purpose is consistent with the “Mission Statement of the Family International;” the work strives for perceptible and enduring results.

Defined: It has a clear and accurate presentation of its purpose and activities.

Committed: Participants’ commitment to building, maintaining, and furthering the work is manifested by their actions.

Involved: The work is active within the community, city, or country. It strives to be a force for good in society.

Relevant: Participants are culturally conscious. They conduct their activities and projects in a manner that people can relate to and understand.

Respectful: Participants manifest respect for all people, treating them with dignity regardless of culture, race, creed, or social status.

Dependable: Participants are reliable and can be counted on to keep their word and fulfill their responsibilities regarding any programs, activities, or projects that the work is responsible for.

Principled: Members strive to manifest God’s love and Spirit and reflect the core values of the Family International in all activities pertaining to the work. The witness and message shared are in harmony with the Family International’s basic beliefs.

Ethical: The work, and those participating in it, operate with integrity. Members act responsibly in financial dealings and fundraising, and operate according to local laws and business practices.

Harmonious: Members work in harmony with other members, respecting each other’s works, associates, and networks. They avoid actions that would be detrimental to another work, its means of support, growth, or good name.

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